Email Marketing

Improving sales, generating brand awareness

Most people not very familiar with email marketing all too often ask themselves what exactly all the hype is about. Didn’t junk e-mail slaughter e-mail as an advertising vessel? And if junk e-mail didn’t get rid of it, and what about blogging, Twitter and many other effective avenues that it is possible to communicate with using the internet? Isn’t email outdated?

You should be engaging in email marketing

Businesses often use e-mail as a form of internet marketing because it simply works. A recent survey shows that nearly 80% of people preferred to receive emails as opposed to other methods; for example social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

Marketing with email works best for several different good reasons…

  • Inexpensive
  • enables targeting
  • is very information orientated
  • pushes direct sales
  • secures important relationships, customer loyalty coupled with trust
  • will encourage potential sales through several other streams
  • builds brand awareness

Modern email marketing services support database integration, segmentation as well as some other tricks and methods for increasing the targeting of outgoing correspondence. Modern methods produce on-the-fly e-mail personalised down to a specified recipient basis.

Email Marketing

Each and every email marketing project you send out results in a tremendous of amount of information which can be utilised to even futher develop and refine your approach.

In addition, any offers or promotions sent via email marketing results in some immediate form of measureable response such as a sale, an enquiry or even click a link which can be tracked.

Informational email such as announcements and newsletters promote brand awarenessm and help build relationships and customer loyalty.

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