Improving Sales

Improving sales may be something you are looking at as a solution to a short-term problem, or as part of a long-term goal to progress the growth of the business.

The immediate requirement for improving sales is frequently influenced by the loss of one or possibly more clients, a deterioration to the market, or the introduction of a new business rival. If you are looking at improving sales over a longer period of time, this is commonly a far more deliberate approach as a part of planned business growth.

Depending upon whether you are looking at improving sales in the long term, or whether an immediate solution is needed, should determine the path be taken.

With the primary reasons identified for your improving sales campaign, it is now possible to start looking at possible solutions.

Improving sales, short term

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  • Do your customers feel a lack of commitment?
  • Is there a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver?
  • Poor word of mouth?
  • Are your competitors participating in dirty tricks campaigns


  • Are you getting enough initial enquiries?
  • Are your prices too high?
  • Are you targeting the right customers?


  • If you are getting the enquiries, are you getting the sales?
  • Are you chasing those valuable leads quickly enough?
  • Are your follow-ups poor?
  • Are you putting customers off beforing sealing the deal?


  • Do you have new competition?
  • Have they recently launched a new or improved service?
  • Aggressive promotional campaign?


  • Do you have delivery problems?
  • Unreliable products?
  • Slow after sales?
  • Poor product/service support?

Once you have understood the causes, you can then look at further long-term processes to doing something about it.

Improving sales, long term

  • Improving your sales and marketing process, can you improve the number of sales leading from initial contact or enquiries (the conversation rate – see conversion rate optimisation)?
  • Offering existing customers incentives or promotions to increase their spend
  • Improving sales as a result of price reduction
  • Identifying a shortcoming with a competitor giving your the edge and opportunity to acquire new clients
  • Identifying existing customers not utilising a particular product or server you may be able to offer
  • Entering into new market verticals; if you’re selling website design services can you offer other similar services such as graphic and logo design, business cards, etc.

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