Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing – Improving sales and profits

Sheridan Internet takes care of internet marketing on behalf of businesses based in many different market verticals including public sector, recruitment, financial, education and engineering; these businesses are based locally, nationally and even internationally.

The term internet marketing to which we refer applies to the individual components involved with process of utilising all readily available resources on the internet to increase business sales and profits. So let’s take a closer a look at these individual components.

Internet Marketing

Establishing an internet presence

Utilising our skills and experience developed over the years we are able to get your website setup on the internet. Our developers and technicians are able to provide you with the complete turn-key solution from the initial design and development of your website, right through to the visibility part of registering ideal domain name and making your website accessible (website hosting) to users and potential clients.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once your website has been setup it is now time to tell people about it. You website may be all singing and dancing, and look very impressive but if nobody knows about it then you really are not making the most of your website.

This is where we start with the initial process of internet marketing, the first step is to analyse your existing website and optimise both the structure and content for visibility within search engines, such as Ask, Google, MSN or Yahoo.There are a lot of factors which should be considered when a website is initially designed which will have drastic effects on how your website ranks. This should be kept in mind when choosing the best website design company, choosing the wrong company could lead to a loss in profits and sales from a result of visibility and ranking positions within the major search engines.

Choosing the right search engine optimisation company will facilitate towards your rankings and more so on which page you appear. If you are listed in any of the major search engines, yet appear deep into the listing where your website is unlikely to be found then again this will be costly to you business as the traffic being driven to your website will be low.

Driving traffic to your website

Okay, so at this stage you have developed your website, it’s accessible, it has good content and structure and is now ready to start building your internet marketing campaign and start concentrating on getting traffic (visitors) and potential customers and more so sales.

A relevant example is our sister company Sheridan Computers who provide computer repair services. A quick search on google for Computer Repair shows Sheridan Computers in a good position. The amount of traffic this can bring to your website is tremendous.

Link Building

A successful internet marketing campaign starts with link building; building incoming links to your website from other websites. These incoming links should be coming from websites which are in a similar market vertical and has related content to the content on your website.

The link building process involves finding the right company who can analyse your competitors links and see where they are getting their incoming links. This can provide valuable information which can assist in the process of building those all important incoming links. Again if this process is done incorrectly and your website appears to have a lot of spam incoming links from other websites with no related content this can cause your website to be penalised by search engines and even removed from their search results.

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing refers to the process of making replies and responding to opinions and comments made by other people in addition to delivering your own ramblings on internet blogs which have content related to your website.

Finding these blogs where you can build one way links to your website is a key component of any internet marketing campaign and can have a significant impact on your placement within search engines.

Article Marketing

As with blog marketing, article marketing is a similar process which involves writing articles related to your business. These articles are then published to syndicated article sites. Article marketing can definitely have a huge impact with search engines, they can also help establish your brand.

Press Releases

Press releases to news related sites is also a good link building component which again can help building incoming links and also establishing your brand together with getting people talking about your business. Press releases should be considered an active part of any internet marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. As you can probably guess by the name this process more so involves talking about your business together with the products and the services you on offer.

As a simple example we have a client specialising in construction recruitment that employes a method of having all their construction jobs also posted to Twitter and Facebook as well as their own website. Anyone who follows Minstrell Recruitment on Twitter or Facebook will have instant access to the latest recruitment opportunities within the construction industry.

Special offers

A fine use for social networking is offering discount codes or special offers to your followers to encourage customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing should play a big part of your internet marketing activities; social networking is an effective internet marketing strategy and will not break the bank either.

Traditional Marketing

Of course with all online internet marketing campaigns for improving sales, there is also much offline work which should not be taken for granted.

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