Sam Sheridan Zend PHP Certification

7 May 2013
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Congratulations to Sam Sheridan who is now officially recognised as a Zend Certified Engineer. What does this mean for you? Well, you can be sure that the code for any websites or projects we develop in PHP is of the highest quality, knowing that there is a qualified developer on the case.


Reply from Zend:

Zend would like to be the first to congratulate you on passing your exam and becoming certified! Being a Zend Certified Engineer puts you amongst an elite group that will continue to lead the growth of PHP.

Your name will automatically be added and appear in the Zend Yellow Pages within 24-48 business hours. To view your listing, please go to

Quote from

Becoming PHP certified is a measure of your experience in the world of PHP.  The goal of the Zend PHP Certification program is to allow PHP  professionals to attain the “Zend Certified Engineer” designation. This  is identical in concept to other well know certification programs such  as “Microsoft’s Certified Professionals (MCP)” and the “Sun Certified  Java Programmer (CSJP)” programs.

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