Conversational search and SEO

18 July 2013
Social Media
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If you use Google Chrome you now have the ability to speak your search terms instead of typing them. What, if anything, does conversation search mean for SEO?

Now that Google has the ability to answer more conversational queries, search may be speaking to it with more natural language queries (e.g. “Google find me a computer repair company in Manchester City Centre“), which are generally longer and more complex. If you’re still relying on a few high volume keywords for the bulk of your revenue, think about how to diversify into long-tail keywords.

What keywords bring up direct answers? If you’re depending on exact match domain names such as to drive your website design company, this is another nail in your coffin. Where possible, Google’s conversational search continues the trend of providing users with the best single answer rather than lots of search results. Find keywords that are too ambiguous to bring up direct answers and then optimise accordingly. This will be good for users as well as your business.


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