How to promote your product or service on Twitter

16 March 2013
Social Media
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twitter_birdWhen it comes to promoting your product or service on Twitter, there is a fine line between effective marketing and annoying behaviour. We probably follow someone who has a particular message they want to share with the masses, but it can be frustrating when blatant self-promotion appears constantly in your timeline. There are a few ways to promote your services more effectively.

  1. Timed repetition
    Information can be lost quickly on Twitter as your tweet slides down your followers’ timelines. Mentioning something more than once is fine, but do so at intervals with other tweets in between; if it’s all you tweet about, people will just see your content as noise – which will have the opposite effect to the one you intend. Consider time zones too, so that your tweets reach as many people as possible.
  2. Provide context
    How you say something is as important as what you say. For example don’t just tweet “Buy our computer maintenance contracts” and then link to the relevant page on your website. Instead if you say something about your contracts and who might benefit from them, it will be easier to get the attention of the audience. Give people a reason to look; if there are related blog posts or anything else related to the services you are promoting, tweet those too.
  3. Check your feedback
    Set up saved keyword searches so you can easily see what people are saying about your campaign, services, or products; whether good or bad, it’s worth knowing. If you do spot a tweet – reply to it, for example saying thank you for your feedback.
  4. Retweet with care
    Be very careful when retweeting every compliment or mention you receive as this can be annoying and seen as egotistical to your followers. Bookmark the tweets to preserve them, use them to create other forms of promotional material later.


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