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8 May 2013
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Zend Certified EngineerSheridan Internet has many years experience with the development, design, and implementation of websites and web driven applications. Zend Technologies Inc., the creator of the PHP language which many products and services are written in, including WordPress which powers of 60 million websites, Magento which powers many e-commerce websites as well as other popular web solutions such as Drupal. In addition to these open source products and services we are also able to develop in-house bespoke applications tailored to your requirements.

Our lead developers have recently achieved the status of Zend Certified Engineer, the highest possible certification available for PHP programmers. There is a relatively small amount of Zend Certified Engineers in the world, which is held by less than 800 individuals within the UK.

This is a fantastic metric for Sheridan Internet in fulfilling its’ quality assurance programme, providing our clients with access to first-class software development as standard. Zend Certified Engineers also benefit from being listed in Zend’s PHP Yellow Pages which is used by employers and recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide.

Major corporations such as Vodafone, Veritas and McAfee are examples of enterprise customers who look to hire Zend Certified Engineers, or want to develop them internally so they have the most qualified developers where it matters most – on mission critical web application development teams. Participating in the Zend Certified Engineer program help demonstration our commitment to continuous growth and professional development of employees.

To date we have developed many PHP driven web applications including bespoke recruitment websites enabling candidates to register and apply for jobs, as well as upload CVs which allow recruiters to perform keyword searches of 1000’s of CVs. We have also developed help desk software which enables support tickets to be raised, tracked, and managed; time and billing management, self-service web portals, asset management and license tracking, with reports being sent to managers regarding the number of incidents which have occurred each month – and whether they have been resolved.

We will soon be publishing an interview with the thoughts and ramblings of our most recent Zend Certified Engineer.

If you’re looking for a quality company with quality staff, that can produce well written web applications, you have found Sheridan Internet.

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